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Simon also designs and writes websites. The Fieldview site has been going in one form or another since 1996. Simon has helped many people get thier websites going, offering sensible advice coming from 30 years experience with computers and programming. If you would like help with designing a website or would like some programming undertaken then please take a look at his website

The North Norfolk Astronomy Society

We are a relatively small group of people (currently around 40 members) who have a common interest in Astronomy. We arrange alternate member and guest speaker evenings during the autumn and winter months, and these are held at Binham Village Hall. The talks cover a wide range of topics given by specialists in their field, and to cover cost there is a small entry charge. Member evenings provide an opportunity for members to meet up and exchange ideas and information. We also arrange special viewing nights for events such as meteor showers, comets or eclipses, and we organise a barbecue each year.

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